Best 5 Lightweight Luggage Sets

While going on holiday is something that most people look forward to, sometimes you may not look forward to lugging heavy bags with you. Getting in and out of trains, up and down stairs, and lifting off carousels is enough to leave one frazzled!

Here we have reviewed the best lightweight carryon luggage sets, so you can get on with the joy of travelling.

Merax 5-piece deluxe luggage set

This amazing set of lightweight luggage comes with a 21”. 25”, 29”, 18”, and a 15” inflight bag.

You will find multiple pockets suitable for travel documents and magazines.

The set is made of durable, tear-resistant fabric and comes with an interior lining, tie wraps, and mesh zippered pocket.

Should you need more room, you simply unzip the side to increase the space by a staggering 25%!

The push-button handles retract easily with one hand, leaving your other hand free.

The wheels move smoothly to ensure you can walk without dragging your bags. Going around corners is easy with this luggage! You will find extra handles on the side and the base, making any lifting easy on your back.

Reviews of this lightweight luggage set show that overall, the style of this luggage is very easy on the eyes, and elegant, making it a pleasure to use on your travels.

Hauptstadkoffer Luggage set

This luggage set comes from Germany, and will surprize you with the efficient use of space it provides. When you are not using the luggage, all the bags can be packed into each other, cutting down storage space, making this one of the best lightweight luggage sets on the market.

The exterior is made from ABS and polycarbonate, which gives a glossy, hard coat, making the luggage more durable and firm.

The four multi-directional wheels on each bag run silently and smoothly, with a combination lock for extra security.

The set comes in three different sizes, namely29.5”, 25.6”, and a cabin bag of 21.5”.

What will sell this to you is the amazing range of colours – all bright and cheerful! This means that you will never be confused when your bag comes off the carousel again!

U.S. traveller New Yorker 4-piece set

We think you will agree that this luggage is not only stylish, but functional. It is easy to spot clean, and durable. The outer fabric is tear-resistant, and the push button makes it easy to glide your way around corners. The wheels are recessed so will never catch on anything when stored or laid flat.

You will notice that the interior has a classy grey lining, tie down straps, and a mesh zippered compartment for extra organisation. Additionally, you will find special storage for shoes to keep them apart from your clothes.

Should you need more room, the bags expand by a further 25% for bulky items.

Dual top and side handles, as well as on the base, make for easy moving.

The tote, which is carryon, has a shoulder strap should you prefer to use this instead of a handle.

It Quilte 3-piece set

This attractive set of lightweight luggage has easy-grab handles on the top, sides, and base. The wheels move smoothly and glide around corners.

You will find that the interior comes with two tie-down straps, a large zippered section, as well as a mesh compartment, making it very easy to be organised.

The large bag in 31”, the medium bag is 27” and the carryon is 21”, making this a perfect combination to take on your travels.

The bags expand, should you need further space, and the total weight of the bags is just 17 pounds, making this a great lightweight luggage set.

Galaxy 3-piece Luggage Set

The total weight of the luggage set is just 24 pounds, which places it firmly in the lightweight luggage category.

Not only is the set lightweight, it is also heat and scratch resistant, waterproof, and pressure resistant.

The interior comes with straps to secure your belongings, and the two mesh pouches mean that your documents can be kept exactly where you want them to be.

The bags come in 28”, 24”, and 20” and can be stacked inside each other when not in use.

You will find that the wheels spin easily, and the bags look stylish and tidy, making this a very attractive lightweight luggage set.


Our lightweight luggage reviews are sure to provide you will all your travel needs, whether you are going off on a business trip or a family holiday. All our choices glide easily and effortlessly, and have the potential to expand if you need extra space. Our lightweight luggage sets will ensure you arrive at your destination ready to start your holiday!

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