Best Luggage for International Travel

Your luggage plays an important role in how well planned and fun your travel is going to be! Buying the right kind of travel system when you are travelling internationally will enable you to avoid extra charges from airlines and will also allow you to travel with ease. This can be a daunting task since there are various sizes, prices and styles available online. To help you in distinguishing between luggage marketed as good quality and actual good quality, we have created a guide that will help you in purchasing the best luggage for international travel.

Factors to be Considered While Buying the Best Lightweight Travel System

  • Purpose of Using it: The first factor to be considered while choosing the best luggage for international travel is whether you are going to be flying or driving with it. For instance, cruise ships and airlines require luggage that is a flat and hard so that it can be stored in their storage spaces with ease and without causing much damage.
  • Storage: When you are done with travelling, you will have to store the luggage at home. Before buying, consider the kind of space you have. If you have restrictions for space, then soft suitcases or duffel bags are the best since they can be slightly squeezed in when you do not have enough space.
  • Size: The size of the luggage to be purchased solely depends on the luggage restrictions levied by the mode of transport and how much luggage you would like to carry on the trip. If you are travelling with family, then a set with 3-5 pieces will be the ideal for you.

Travelpro Crew 10 Expandable Spinner Suiter

If you are a frequent traveller, then Travelpro Crew 10 Expandable Spinner Suiter is the best for you. The spinner comes in three different sizes that are 21 inches, 25 inches and 29 inches. Reportedly, these bags are the best for air travel and they fit in overhead bins with ease. The smallest model which is 21 inches may seem small but has a lot of space in depth which can fit a lot of clothing. This travel luggage has many compartments that can fit laptops and organize your other luggage. The bag  comes with a removable garment bag which can come handy in keeping your suits wrinkle free. This expandable suitcase has 4 rotating wheels and can be pulled off on surfaces like carpets. Crafted with aluminium, handle of the bag can be extended to 38 inches and 42 inches. Weighing 8lbs, this is one of the best lightweight travel system you can buy. Overall, it is worthy of try since It also comes with a lifetime guaranty.

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 3 Piece Set 20 24 28 Spinner

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside suitcase set is extremely light weight and has a good locking system. Samsonite is well known for producing best luggage brands for international travel.  They come in a series of attractive colors including Black, Bronze, Purple, Pink, Orange, Blue, Navy, Platinum, Red and Teal. The smallest of the set is perfect to be used for air travel as cabin baggage. Made using Polycarbonate, these hard suitcases are durable and expandable for extra space. The lock is also tamper proof which gives it extra security and makes it difficult for anyone to break into it. The top part of the suitcase has a mesh which covers the clothes. When secured with a zipper, it leaves more space for clothes.

Merax Newest 5 Piece Luggage Set Softshell Deluxe Expandable Rolling Suitcase 2 Wheels

This is a 5-pc luggage set is perfect when you are traveling with family. Made of polyester, this soft side set comprises of a large suitcase which is twenty-nine inches, medium suitcase twenty-five inches and a small suitcase which is twenty-one inches. There are two duffel bags which are 18 and 15 inches each. The best part of the set is that it has inline wheels and retractable handles which makes it easy to pull the luggage. The bag comprises of anti-skid material attached to it which will save it from falling. Merax Newest 5 Piece Luggage Set’s top-notch features, 5 year warranty promise and economical price has made this product reach our list of best luggage meant for international travel.

Delsey Luggage Helium Titanium International Carry-On EXP Spinner Trolley Red

This Polycarbonate Spinner trolley has been made by one of the best luggage brands for international travel. Delsey is an extremely well-known brand that has been crafting travel systems from many years. This trolley comes with a 10-year warranty and in four colours namely Black, Hunter Green, Navy, Purple and Silver. Notable features of this product include a padded 15.6-inch laptop compartment which has won the luggage accolades for product innovation.  Delsey Helium Titanium International 19″ Carry-On EXP Spinner Trolley has TSA approved locks and a zipper expandable section which will allow you to fit in more space. On the whole, this product is certainly worthy of a try as it is one of the best luggage for international travel. The only downside of this product is its handles which are hard, but they could have been stronger than they are.

Lemoone Galaxy Luggage Set Spinner Hard Shell Suitcase Lightweight Carry On-3 PC Set

Lemoone Galaxy has launched this set of 3 spinner hard shell suitcases which look extremely classy and modern.  This is by far one of the best lightweight travel system we have come across in the market recently. Crafted using PC and ABS materials, these suitcases have hard shells which prevent damage and other wear and tear from frequent travel. Extremely lightweight, the bags are 28 inches, 24 inches and 20 inches in size. The smallest 20-inch bag has a capacity of 45 litres and is the perfect size according to American airline standards for cabin baggage. It comes in a series of colours including Black, Champagne, Dark Grey, Purple, Light Purple, Orange, Green and Blue. The spinner wheels glide on the ground making it easy for you to carry it around. The handles are solid and are made from retractable chrome. The slight downside of this luggage is that it is not expandable for space. However, its stylish looks, durability and economical price make up for this glitch.


Choosing the best luggage for international travel will make travelling an easy task for you. However, we have put in hours of research to present you with the above-mentioned options which are the best in terms of price, durability and size. We hope you can use our comprehensive guide to compare and buy luggage that will last you for many holiday trips!

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