Top 5 Best Rockland Luggage Reviews

For over twenty years Rockland has been making high-quality luggage for the discerning traveller. You will know there style immediately by the bright patterns and graphic designs, which are their trademark. You will find that the trendy bags are fashionable for all ages. The luggage carries a huge ‘wow’ factor, without compromising quality and durability. You will find our Rockland luggage reviews covering luggage which is suitable for any type of travel.

  1. Rockland 5-piece

This set of five pieces is made from heavy-duty 100% polyester fabric. Only the very best 1200 denier fabric has been used.

The wheels, which are ez-roll, make it comfortable to steer the luggage in any direction. The retractable handles are then completely recessed, so there is no chance of them catching on anything.

The bags come in sizes of 32”, 28”, 24”, 19”, and a 12” tote. The interiors are fully lined with back zip pockets.

You will find handles on the top, sides, and base to make any lifting easy.

A unique feature is that there are stability bars fitted at the bases to avoid the bag tilting and falling over.

  1. Rockland Melbourne 3-piece set

This three-piece set of luggage has hard sides, with wheels which spin in every direction you can wish.

You will find an interior mesh zip compartment to keep things separate during travel. The aluminium extending handle has two levels of height, so is equally good for taller or shorter people.

The bags are 28”, 24”, and 20” in height, and are extremely lightweight, and durable.

The fabric on the exterior is hard wearing, although stylish. It is also easy to spot clean.

Both the larger bags have room for expansion, should you need extra space.

Rockland luggage reviews have shown that this set is very popular with both families and single travellers.

  1. Rockland Varsity Polo 4-piece set

This 4-piece set is fully lined with retractable handles. The exterior is made from EVA mold, and covered with a 1200 denier polyester fabric.

The bags come in 30”, 26”, 22”, and 18” so cover all the size combinations you could want.

You will find the interior fully lined, with mesh and zipper compartments, and tie straps to keep things secure.

You will notice that the wheels are larger than most, and this gives the luggage a grounded feel, with no overbalancing.

The finishing touch is the beautiful charcoal colour which sets it apart from many other sets.

  1. Rockland 2-piece set

This 2-piece set comes with a 19” rolling bag, and a 14” tote, making it perfect for a single traveller, or a weekend away.

The wheels are compact and move easily, making it a pleasure to use around corners.

Both pieces are designed to fit into an overhead locker, or under the seat in front of you on the plane.

The handle on the larger bag is telescopic and extends to two different lengths.

You will find a selection of zippered compartments inside so documents can be kept separate from clothing – no more confusion at the airport!

This set looks attractive, as well as being durable and sturdy enough to stand up to the rigours of air travel.

  1. Rockland 3-piece Metallic set

This smart looking set is made of polycarbonate/ABS and while it is lightweight, it is very durable.

The bags are 28”, 24”, and 20” in height, with wheels spinning in multi-directions, making manoeuvring easy.

The handles extend at the push on one button, and extend to two lengths.

You will find the interior has mesh pockets which are elasticated and zipped.

The bags can be extended should you need further space for bulky items.

This set gets a ‘big thumbs up’ in our Rockland reviews.


We are sure that when you check out the items in the Rockland range, you will find something that fits your travel needs perfectly. These are an excellent selection of the products, with something for every traveller, whether it be for business or pleasure.

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